Fintech Startup Liquid P2P Launches with Patent-Pending Liquidity Solution for Lending Club Investors

Fintech Startup Liquid P2P Launches with Patent-Pending Liquidity Solution for Lending Club Investors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Port Allen, LA – Liquid P2P announced today its public launch as the newest third-party automated tool for investors who use Lending Club. Located at, the self-funded startup enters the market with a patent-pending approach to automated investing that aims to boost returns and accelerate liquidity for its users.

Powered by machine learning algorithms and its “Liquid Match” investing model, Liquid P2P automates the entire peer lending process including loan selection, diversification, reinvesting, and liquidation based on the strategy and investment settings users select.

At a basic level, its patent-pending model harnesses the power of the group by automatically matching Liquid P2P users with funds to invest with those trying to liquidate notes. In doing so, it utilizes both Lending Club’s primary market, where newly-issued loans are listed, as well as its secondary market (the Folio Note Trading Platform), where previously-issued notes are traded.

With its strong emphasis on secondary market automation, Liquid P2P targets a niche market of retail investors seeking consistent returns and better liquidity outside of the managed-fund approach many automated tools are turning to.

“The liquidity risk inherent in this asset class remains its biggest challenge and likely the greatest deterrent for new investors,” explained Liquid P2P Founder and CEO David Fluker. “What better way to foster a more active secondary market than to automate the trade of notes between users in a seamless way that mutually benefits both sides of the equation? In a successful Liquid Match transaction, the buyer is invested in a quality loan with a seasoned payment history and shorter time to maturity, while the seller is able to accelerate the time it takes to liquidate his invested principal. It’s a true win-win.”

Liquid P2P automates investing on a user’s behalf using Lending Club’s API. Any active Lending Club account holder can sign up to use the service.

“Liquid P2P is the low-cost solution that fills in many of the gaps retail investors are experiencing, “added Marketing Director Erin Coogan. “We want to make it easier to invest in this high-yield asset class, while also driving the viability of Lending Club’s secondary market. Our mission is to give P2P investors powerful, automated access to the returns they want and the liquidity they need.”

About Liquid P2P

Liquid P2P, LLC was founded in November 2016 by lifelong entrepreneur and avid P2P investor David Fluker. It operates as a third-party software service offering automated loan selection, diversification, reinvesting, and liquidation for a subscription-based fee to Lending Club account holders. Liquid P2P is not owned by, endorsed by, or affiliated with Lending Club and does not offer financial planning or investment advice.

About Lending Club

Lending Club is an online peer-to-peer lending platform that allows individual investors to lend money directly to borrowers, eliminating the need for a financial institution as the “middle man.” Founded in 2006, Lending Club is now the world’s largest P2P platform and was the first to offer loan trading on a secondary market. Lending Club advertises historical returns between 5%-7% with 99% of investors with over 100 loans achieving positive returns.



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