Lend Academy Blog Series Reviews Lending Club for New Investors


Last year, Lending Club launched a new program offering a group of industry bloggers funds to open brand new accounts for the purpose of reviewing the new investor experience.

Lend Academy, a leading news and educational resource for peer-to-peer lending, took the opportunity and created a new “Lending Club experiment” in April 2018. As veteran investors, their blogging team saw it as a way to refresh their first-hand experience with new accounts and answer questions new investors may have.

Since then, Lend Academy has published a series of five articles chronicling the experiment and tracking the quarterly progress of the new investment account.

In the latest update, New Lending Club Account Performance – Q4 2018, blogger Ryan Lichtenwald emphasizes the importance of patience when starting in P2P lending as he analyzes fourth quarter trends with the new account.

“One of the things required for investing in marketplace lending is patience. Even though our new Lending Club account has been open around 9 months, we still won’t have a full grasp on returns until around the 18-month mark.”


He goes on to point out an almost two-point jump in his adjusted returns, from 7.81% to 9.56%, that he attributes largely to an improvement in the number of loans marked late or in default.

Read more: View the entire blog post and follow the series at Lend Academy.com.


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