Lending Club, P2P Lending Among Best Alternative Investment Options for 2019

Lending Club P2P Lending Among Best Options for Investing in 2019

For many of us, a new year means new financial goals. With the wild ride of 2018 behind us, how are you going to invest your money in 2019?

As markets adjust to increasing volatility and tightening financial conditions, this year’s portfolio may need to be about more than just stocks and bonds.

To help mitigate market risks, retail investors are allocating more to alternative investments. And industry experts agree, P2P lending is the place to be.

In his list of the Absolute Best Investments for 2019 (and Beyond), industry blogger and “Wealth Hacker” Jeff Rose ranks peer-to-peer lending at #3, only behind stocks and real estate.

A veteran Lending Club investor himself, he also touts P2P lending as the best low risk investment with the highest return. For more insight, check out Jeff’s 14 Best Low Risk Investments for High Return.

With stock-like returns upwards of 6% (depending on loan selection strategy) and less duration risk than traditional securities, P2P lending offers an attractive fixed-income option to diversify your portfolio.

Investment analyst, Joseph Hogue, of the popular Let’s Talk Money! YouTube channel also steers investors toward P2P lending in his Best Investments for 2019 series and endorses Lending Club specifically throughout his articles and tutorials.

Hogue refutes claims from some that Lending Club returns have been falling and credits the loan filter he developed, as well as Lending Club’s automated investing feature, with his success earning annual returns near 10% since 2015 with consistent cash flow coming in each month. 

In his video tutorial, Peer to Peer Lending Investing – My Double Digit Cash Flow, Hogue shares his actual loan filter and other strategy tips for Lending Club investors.

Of course, individual returns will vary greatly depending on the loan selection process or filter you use. There are certainly risks involved in P2P investing, but the trade-off is a higher potential yield than any other fixed-income options with comparable risk.

Bottom line: if you’re ready to diversify with alternatives without sacrificing returns, P2P lending is the place to be in 2019.

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